Service conditions

Tariffs & Essential Information about our services






Tariffs and payments


Labour prices:


All works are quoted





Materials and other expenses:


  1. Client agrees to pay for all material costs.
  2. We cover up to £5 in parking expenses. Any additional cost will be cover by client.




Moving large goods:


We do not a remove large items.





50% Deposit is required in advance and the 50% Balance to be paid on completion

Invoices will be posted to you within 3 business days



Our guarantee:


  1. Most of our jobs are guaranteed for the period of 30 days. In the unlikely event of any problem please contact us.
  2. We do not guarantee the following cases: light bulb replacement, toilet blockages, brake down produced by incorrect use contrary to manufacture specifications, damage caused by incorrect use, abuse or alteration.


Service limitations:



  1. Our ladders can reach up to 3.5 metres above ground maximum.
  2. We do not work with gas or central heating units
  3. We do not install second hand electrical fittings fittings
  4. We will not install parts, component non-approved or regulated by the British Standards or European Union Standards.



Health and Safety:


We work with: Blades, nails and power tools and We would like to recommend to take special care  at the following cases:


  1. Customers with young children: Children must be supervised all times
  2. In some circuntances specially if tools could be drop. We wil temporarily suspend areas to insure safety.


Weight restrictions:


  1. Our handyman is restricted to lift weight up to 25Kg maximum